Superior. Repeatable. Results.

Newton Talent has a reliable methodology and consultative approach that ALIGN our services with your VISION.

The ASSESS phase gets our partnership off to a great start.

During the ASSESS phase, our delivery team seeks to understand your vision, your requirements, your organization, your processes, and your tools and how we can best align with you. In addition to producing rich insights and specific actions that will drive engagement success, OUTCOMES from this phase include: defined roles and responsibilities; recommended joint ways of working; and mutually agreed metrics and service levels that define what success means to you.

The ACTIVATE phase brings our teams together to start the journey towards delivery excellence.

During the ACTIVATE phase, we work with you to ensure the delivery team has everything it needs to be focused and successful from day one. We clarify how the teams will work together, what each member is responsible for, and tools that will be used on a day-to-day basis. We also start the process of meeting hiring managers; confirming job requirements and postings; and proactively planning the details around sourcing, interviewing and candidate care.

The ACCOMPLISH phase is where we achieve your vision through talent.

During the ACCOMPLISH phase we source, recruit, and provide candidate care to fill the open roles you have in your organization. We do this with a focus on meeting and exceeding the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) established in the ASSESS phase. Our goal during this phase is to create a positive experience for hiring managers and candidates by seamlessly integrating the people, process, and tools in your environment as well.

The ADJUST phase provides information and feedback for continuous improvement and accountability.

During the ADJUST phase, we transparently report on the metrics and SLAs defined in the ASSESS phase. By reviewing how the team is performing on a regular basis, we jointly identify issues and challenges and create and implement action plans to quickly address them. By doing so, we stay on track to achieve your definition of success and enable the transfer of best practices that will deliver benefit long after the engagement concludes.