Client Stories

Recruitment process streamlined to strengthen business/HR alignment

A $3.5B international machinery manufacturer lacked the partnership needed between business and HR to enable cost-efficient, high quality recruitment. Newton Talent functioned as an embedded partner to build an end-to-end recruiting approach while filling ongoing open needs at significantly lower cost, higher quality, and reduced time to fill.

On-demand recruitment capacity provided for a critical, urgent global IT program

A $15B international Coatings and Specialty Products company needed to hire 50 IT professionals in an aggressive six-month window for a high-priority global project. Newton Talent led the development of a tailored recruitment process and partnered seamlessly with the client to meet all quality, cost, and time-to-fill requirements for these niche IT positions.

Hard-to-find niche technical sales talent successfully recruited

A growing $1B global software provider was challenged with filling dozens of niche, hard-to-find, technical sales positions. Newton Talent seamlessly partnered with the client’s HR team to drive sourcing, screening, and hiring for 32 open positions across North America.

Long-term, high-volume recruiting capacity enabled sustained growth

A $23B global Metals Industry leader faced unexpected and extraordinary growth-related, hiring demand. As an insourced recruiting partner, Newton Talent supplemented the client’s recruiting capacity for more than five years, first by establishing a centralized recruiting team and then by hiring over 300 professionals on an annual basis.

High volume, fast-paced project recruiting completed ahead of schedule

Faced with a sudden peak in hiring demand due to the rollout of a new patient tracking tool and acquisition of medical offices, a healthcare network sought a partner to take on hiring of 130+ hard-to-fill positions within 6 months by year-end. Newton Talent met this goal in half the time and was retained to hire an additional 200 within the same timeframe.