Project RPO

When competing priorities require additional capability, Project RPO allows you to launch resources faster to meet your hiring goals. Whether you’re launching a new service offering, supporting a new division, or even expanding into new markets, Project RPO can manage the hiring processes and free your HR team to focus on other matters.

Project RPO is scalable and responsive. You’ll work with dedicated experts that act as an extension of your recruiting team and your brand to deliver a seamless candidate experience. Best of all, Project RPO leverages all of the best practices of a Full-Lifecycle RPO solution to ensure you reap benefits to your hiring project, like a larger qualified talent pool and enhanced employer brand awareness, that can make your efforts more successful long-term.

Learn how Newton Talent has helped organizations like yours meet their hiring goals.

High Volume

Newton Talent supported the hiring of over 1200 seasonal employees across three states for a $9B grocery and convenience store retailer. By leveraging Newton’s on-demand recruiting capability, this client was able to keep its internal team focused on critical strategic initiatives, such as new store openings.

Time Sensitive

A leading regional healthcare network needed to hire 130+ medical support professionals by year end to meet the demand associated with an acquisition. Newton Talent exceeded this goal by hiring 150+ professionals in half the time and was retained to support hiring over 200 more within the same duration.

Time Sensitive

To support strategic growth, a $1B global software company needed to fill multiple technical sales roles that required an advanced engineering background or education. Newton Talent partnered with the client to recruit this hard-to-find, niche talent and hire 50+ employees from this passive candidate pool.

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